14.02.2017 в 12:01


This St. Valentine’s Day Severstal Family reporters spoke to Almaz Cherepovets goaltender Alexei Artamkin and his girlfriend Yekaterina.

- How did you meet each other?

Alexei: We met on social media. We messaged each other back and forth for a while. Then we had a few phone calls and met shortly after. That’s how it all started


- Any funny moments you can share?

Yekaterina: Early in our relationship and I decided to give Alexei a custom-made necklace for St. Valentine’s. But they couldn’t complete it on time and I had to wait for it. I was telling him for two months that I had a present for him, although it wasn’t just ready.

- Do you have any St. Valentine’s traditions?

Yekaterina: Alexei is always on the road around this time. Maybe we’ll come up with some tradition this year if he’s going to have a day off.


- What is your favorite place in town?

Alexei: We didn’t have a chance to visit a lot of places in Cherepovets but Galskikh Mansion is one of our favorites.


- Do you treat your dog Busya as if it were your kid? How does she act when Alexei is not home and how does she greet him when he’s back?

Yekaterina: Obviously, she’s a family member. We love her, snuggle with her and spoil her. Busya is a very kind and approachable dog. Whenever Alexei has to leave, she lies down on his slippers and doesn’t get until he gets back. Actually, she just lies next to the door whenever one of us is not around.

- What was the most important game for Yekaterina and why?

Alexei: Every one of my games is a very special moment for her, as she says. She cares deeply but she doesn’t single out any games. She believes my biggest game is yet to come!

- How tough is it to live in two cities?

Alexei: Cherepovets is not that far away from Yaroslavl, so it’s really not that difficult. Whenever we get time on the weekends, we travel to Yaroslavl to visit our friends and family.


- Do you have any gameday traditions?

Alexei: I’m not superstitious. Pre-game meal is the most important thing. You need it to have strength for the game.


- Name five Alexei’s character traits.

Yekaterina: Honesty, kindness, caring for his loved ones, talkativeness and optimism.

- What would you like to wish the fans this St. Valentine’s?

- We wish all the lovers understanding and sincere feelings! Love and be loved!