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Lobanov’s cake, Sprukts goes back to school and Podzins’ bruised face – MHL players’ social media review

Zigurds Podzins’ rough welcome in the VHL, Igor Goleschikhin’s happy face after scoring four goals on Altay Ust-Kamenogorsk, birthday presents for Artyom Lobanov and much more – on today’s MHL players’ and clubs’ social media review.

MHC Spartak Moscow’s Andrei Revatsky is very happy to see his friends Maxim Leonov and Vladimir Kalugin, who visited the red-and-blue with Almaz Cherepovets. But Revatsky can hardly be happy about the way the games went as Spartak was shut out by Almaz in the back-to-back series.

Андрей Ревацкий рад встрече с друзьями из Алмаза, но вряд ли результату против них.jpg

There’s no hockey without some bumps and bruises, right? Amurskie Tigry Khabrovsk defenseman Zigurds Podzins got called up to VHL and got hit by a stray puck in the face. And it didn’t even happen at Sokol Krasnoyarsk’s game – it happened at practice! Get well soon, Zigurds!

какой хоккей без синяков - попала шайба.jpg

HK Riga forward Gatis Sprukts stays true to his roots. Last week he went to his former school much to local students’ joy.

обзор соц. сетей_1.jpg

Sarmaty Orenburg forward Artyom Lobanov celebrated his 17th birthday this week and his friends and family got him some presents.

обзор соц. сетей_2_Артем Лобанов получил торт на ДР.jpg

18-year-old Kirill Urakov scored his first career KHL goal. His goal helped Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod beat Barys Astana in overtime. His teammate Alexei Potapov didn’t pass on the opportunity to present Urakov with the puck.

обзор соц. сетей_2_первая шайба за Торпедо.jpg

Igor Goleschikhin of Omskie Yastreby Omsk Region had a great time in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan. His team scored 22 goals in two days on Altay, while Goleschikhin personally scored four goals in the second game of the back-to-back series to climb on top of the league in goal-scoring. Is there a better reason for a selfie with a true hockey smile?

обзор соц. сетей_2_после первого матча с Алтаем - ответил покером.jpg

Let’s go back to Maxim Leonov, who sent Revatsky back to Moscow and went back to working hard at practice. Jogging down Cherepovets street – that’s the way to do it.

плох тот хоккеист, который не любит бегать.jpg
  And finally unique footage from Russkie Vityazi Chekhov practice before going on the road to Yaroslavl. Bogdan Donenko puts his dancing skills on display.

Тренировка перед выездом в Ярославль! Богдан @bogdandonenko31 Доненко - человек оркестр! 

Видео опубликовано ХК Русские Витязи (@hcrusskievityazi)