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Demidov, But, Kantserov, Klimovich and other JHL stars. Challenge Cup forwards

Forwards to play for Team East and Team West in Chelyabinsk.

The official website of the Junior Hockey League – about the forwards to represent their teams and conferences in Chelyabinsk. The choice is commented by the head coaches of the teams.

Team East forwards

Alexander Volokhov (Sarmaty)
10 (7+3) points in 16 games, “-4”
Top goalscorer of Sarmaty

Roman Kantserov (Stalnye Lisy)
23 (10+13) points in 18 games, “+10”
Top scorer of the Eastern conference

Artyom Misnikov (Chaika)
12 (3+9) points in 15 games, “+9”
Top scorer of Chaika

Vadim Sushchev (Avto)
15 (6+9) points in 16 games, “+8”
Top scorer of Avto

Yegor Chernikov (Mamonty Ugry)
17 (6+11) points in 16 games, “+6”
Top scorer of Mamonty Ugry

Vladimir Konov (Loko-76)
11 (5+6) points in 15 games, “0”
Top scorer of Loko-76

Anton Begayev (Krasnoyarskie Rysi)
10 (4+6) points in 18 games, “+1”
Top scorer of Krasnoyarskie Rysi

Pavel Leuka (Omskie Yastreby)
16 (5+11) points in 16 games, “+6”
Top scorer of Omskie Yastreby

Alexander Polushkin (Belye Medvedi)
13 (9+4) points in 13 games, “+8”
Top goalscorer of Belye Medvedi

Robert Chernov (Reaktor)
11 (6+5) points in 14 games, “-8”
Leader in assists by a forward in Reaktor

Dmitry Arzhanov (Molot)
14 (7+7) points in 19 games, “-5”
Top goalscorer of Molot

Ivan Klimovich (Sibirskie Snaipery)
24 (8+16) points in 17 games, “+16”
Top scorer of the Silver division of the Eastern conference and the conference’s assists leader

Stanislav Shumik, the head coach of Team East and Stalnye Lisy provided comment for the coaching staff’s choice.

– In accordance with the Challenge Cup rules, we were to pick one person from each team. The top hockey players of the East and the West are to hit the ice, that’s why the best ones were selected.

– Last time, Roman Kantserov was chosen as well, but now he is to go to Chelyabinsk without Ilya Kvochko, why did you decide so?
– Because two hockey players are to represent Stalnye Lisy and they are Roman Kantserov and Ilya Nabokov.

– You lost to Omskie Yastreby twice, why did you choose Pavel Leuka?
– After talking to assistant coaches and watching videos, Pavel was singled out of Omsk players.

– Sarmaty and Krasnoyarskie Rysi are sitting near the bottom of Silver division standings. On what basis were the players from these teams selected?
– We played two exhibition games with Sarmaty at the very end of the preseason, plus we played a regular season game against them on September 15 in Magnitogorsk. There was a rough understanding of who would be called up from this team. As for Krasnoyarskie Rysi, our coaching staff had several phone meetings, we watched videos of recent games and made this decision.

– Didn’t you feel like taking both Klimovich brothers?
– I will repeat myself: we were to select the best of the best. I got in touch with Lev Sergeevich Berdichevsky over the phone and we made a joint decision on the players to represent his team.


Team West forwards

David Mamaladze (SKA-1946)
13 (6+7) points in 12 games, “+2”
Third best goalscorer of SKA-1946

Daniil But (Loko)
16 (11+5) points in 14 games, “+7”
Top scorer of Loko

Ivan Demidov (SKA-1946)
27 (10+17) points in 19 games, “+18”
Top JHL scorer

Dmitry Utkin (Kapitan)
12 (7+5) points in 16 games, “+14”
Top goalscorer of Kapitan

Artyom Didkovsky (JHC Spartak)
18 (8+10) points in 18 games, “+2”
Assists leader of Spartak

Kirill Dolzhenkov (Krasnaya Armiya)
17 (5+12) points in 16 games, “+2”
Top scorer of Krasnaya Armiya

Kirill Pukelo (Mikhailov Academy)
21 (6+15) очко в 17 games, “+9”
Assists leader of Mikhailov Academy

Alexander Morozov (Sakhalinskie Akuly)
19 (12+7) points in 20 games, “+3”
Top goalscorer in the Silver division of the Western conference

Alexander Mirzabalayev (Russkie Vityazi)
12 (9+3) points in 18 games, “-1”
Top goalscorer of Russkie Vityazi

Ivan Ryabov (Krylya Sovetov)
13 (5+8) points in 17 games, “-5”
Top scorer of Krylya Sovetov

Oleg Bogatov (Almaz)
16 (4+12) points in 20 games, “-4”
Top scorer of Almaz

Danil Paramonov (Amurskie Tigry)
16 (8+8) points in 15 games, “+7”
Made the most hits by a forward in Amurskie Tigry, team’s shots leader.

Rinat Khasanov, Team West and Krasnaya Armiya head coach provided comment for the selection of players.

– I texted the coaches of all Western Conference teams and asked them to name their best players. Then my assistants and I considered the recommended candidates, also relying on our personal observations. We needed a clear understanding of who would play each position and what their role would be. That was how the roster was finalized.

– There are many talented forwards in Krasnaya Armiya, why did you decide on Kirill Dolzhenkov?
– Kirill Dolzhenkov is a leader of our team, the leader of the offence. He proved himself back in the 2021/2022 season and now receives call-ups to the main CSKA team for a good reason. Today, Dolzhenkov is a logical candidate for representing Krasnaya Armiya.

– What can you say about St. Petersburg forwards Mamaladze and Demidov? The first scored against Krasnaya Armiya, and the second is one of the best players of his age.
– Demidov has made good progress this season, he scores points in every game. His commitment and performance prove that he has the right to be with Team West. Mamaladze is a center, who, among other things, influences Demidov's performance. SKA-1946 is the defending champion, I think that there can be one more representative from their team.

– How do you like Daniil But’s performance?
– But proved himself in the 2021/2022 season, and now he has already adopted the role a leader. He is progressing well. Not for nothing is Lokomotiv already considering him, they have called him up for the main team. When guys grow and progress, perform just as well as adults, why not develop them. They are the future of Yaroslavl hockey.

– Alexander Mirzabalayev from Russkie Vityazi not just produce points, but also plays spectacular hockey. Was it a criterion for him to be selected?
– Mirzabalayev is a leader, he stands out in Russkie Vityazi. We have evaluated him based on the games that his team played against the leaders. Spectacularity was not considered as a criterion, because I do not think that the Challenge Cup will be an exhibition game, it never is. In the JHL, the guys are full of desire to win, it is prestigious for them. Everyone wants to win in the East - West confrontation. There other things to worry about apart from showiness.

– Alexander Morozov used to be the top JHL goalscorer, but his production has decreased. Doesn’t it cause concern?
– It does not. Perhaps, at the start of the season, the schedule was a little easier for Sakhalinskie Akuly. We talked with the coaches, we know what each player is capable of. Morozov is the leader of the team, he performs well, that is why we believe he is worthy of a roster spot.

– Your games against Spartak were really entertaining. What is Artyom Didkovsky best remembered for?
– Spartak's generation has changed. In the 2021/2022 season, they had a five-man line that made the difference in games. Didkovsky is now the only one from this five to be with the team. He plays good adult hockey. We do need such players on our team.

Chelyabinsk will host the JHL Challenge Cup for the first time. The game will be played on December 3, 2022 at the Traktor arena named after Valery Belousov within the framework of the 2022 Fonbet Hockey All-Star Week. On December 4, the Women’s Hockey League All-Star Game will take place. The KHL Skill Show and Fonbet All-Star Game are scheduled for December 10 and 11 respectively.

Update from 2022/11/12

Oleg Bogatov (Almaz) and Ivan Ryabov (Krylya Sovetov) got injures and will not be able to take part in the Challenge Cup 2022. Instead, Yegor Smirnov (Almaz) and Dmitry Yakimov (Krylya Sovetov) will go to Chelyabinsk.

Update from 2022/11/23

Avto forward Vadim Suschev got injured and will not participate in JHL Challenge Cup in Chelyabinsk. His teammate Vladislav Razdyakonov will replace him.