“I had no thought of three goals.” Artur Faizov scored a hat trick in his first JHL game

07.10.2022 в 12:00

“I had no thought of three goals.” Artur Faizov scored a hat trick in his first JHL game

The forward of Mamonty Ugry has had a great start of his junior career.

16-year-old forward of Mamonty Ugry Artur Faizov made his debut in the OLIMPBET Junior Hockey League regular season in the game against Krasnoyarskie Rysi on September 27. The Ugra team blasted the newcomer of the League 8:1 and Faizov scored three goals, notching a hat-trick in his first JHL game. The second game-winning goal was also scored by him. Faizov was born in Sterlitamak and has been playing in the Ugra system since the 2020/2021 season.

In an episode of JHL Zoom, he told Daniil Kolyshev about his glorious debut, preparation for the season and the goals of Mamonty.

– How can you evaluate your debut? What feelings do you have?
– Having played my first JHL game feels really good. It happened to be a productive game for me, I would like to thank my teammates, they were of great help to me.

– Did you expect to score goals in your first game?
– To be honest, I did not think about it. My goal for the game was to enjoy it and demonstrate the kind of hockey that I can play. I could not even dream of scoring three goals, I had no thought of it.

– How did scoring your first goal feel?
– I felt relieved when I scored. It added confidence. Which goal did I enjoy the most? The third one, of course. Timur Marchenko sent me a pass, I got full wood on the puck and fired a shot. But the first goal is the most memorable one, things started looking up after it.

– Did you feel jittery before the game?
– No, I was calm, everything was fine. I set my mind on the game, listened to music.

– Were you preparing for the season with the junior team, or did you spend more time with the school?
– I was with the junior team. But I didn’t manage to participate in the training camp, because I played at the Sirius Cup tournament. And I also trained on my own. I started preparing for the JHL season in summer.

– What are your goals for this season?
– My main goal is to make progress, help my team win and make a positive contribution to its success. The rest will take care of itself. I hope I will be playing more games.