21.05.2022 в 14:00

Metsola-type player of Krasnaya Armiya, Peksa’s progress and solid Gromovik. Dream team goalies

Two players represent the East and one represents the West.

KHL TV commentator and expert of the official JHL website Anton Vasyatin continues to tell us about the dream team of the season. The time is now to look at the goalies. The list includes the best goaltender of the season, a bronze medalist and one of the men of the regular season.

Vyacheslav Peksa. 19 years old, Irbis goaltender
The Irbis goalie has shown impressive progress in the 2021/2022 season. One year earlier, he played only 17 games in the JHL. The Kazan goaltender appeared in 56 regular season games and 13 playoff games. Artyom Anisimov’s team goalie had great positioning, and when the situation seemed desperate, he could literally jump towards the puck and pick it up again. The Irbis representative shares the record for 2021/2022 regular season wins with Yegor Gromovik (30 wins each). If we look at the top ten regular season wins leaders, Peksa made almost 1500 saves, which is the fifth best result in the JHL. He is the league’s shutouts leader (9), one of the top five goalies in save percentage (93.6) and in goals against average (1.79). Largely thanks to Peksa, Irbis won bronze medals for the second time in a row.

Yegor Gromovik. 19 years old, Chaika goaltender
Just like Peksa, Gromovik reached the 30-win mark, but with fewer games played (43 vs. 56). At the first stage of the season, the Nizhny Novgorod goaltender ranked No. 2 among all goalies in goals against average (1,71) and No. 4 in save percentage (93,2). He had five shutouts. In the 2021/2022 season, Gromovik proved that the 2020/2021 stats (1,51 GAA, 94,1 SP) were not an accident. Playing for Chaika, he helped his team to avoid losing streaks lasting more than 2 games for a long time. The first and only time this happened was at the end of the season, when Nizhny Novgorod lost to Irbis in the second round of the Kharlamov Cup playoffs. December was the most successful month, as Chaika had a winning streak and Gromovik won all eight games he appeared in.

Kirill Samsonov. 20 years old, Krasnaya Armiya goaltender
The best goaltender of the regular season in key indicators (1,66 goals against average, 93,9 save percentage). In his last season at the junior level, Kirill Samsonov proved himself as a high-level goaltender. In the playoffs, in contrast to the regular season, he had some bad games, but it was due to the general team inconsistency in away games. Samsonov is somewhat similar to ex-goaltender of Salavat Yulaev Juha Metsola. He is a short player who wears the catching glove on the right hand (which is not typical), and is like a hamster on a wheel trying to help his partners. Even the lacrosse-style goals specialist Matvei Michkov didn’t manage to beat Samsonov at the first attempt in the finals. With 54 goals allowed, the Krasnaya Armiya goaltender scored the best result among goalies who played at least half of the total number of games. Together with Samsonov, his team set a new record - 23 consecutive regular season wins.