13.05.2022 в 11:00

The points leader, the goals leader and the assists leader on the same line. Dream team of the season

The points leader, the goals leader and the assists leader on the same line.

KHL TV commentator and expert of the official JHL website Anton Vasyatin presents his version of the 2021/2022 season dream team. The first part of the series features the fourth unit.

Yaroslav Tsulygin, defenseman (Tolpar)

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The Tolpar defenseman scored 27 points in his first JHL season and became the most point-producing defenseman of his team. Yaroslav scored ten goals – there are only five D-men with more goals in the entire League. The coaches trusted him to play on a powerplay unit, and Tsulygin repaid that trust by scoring four power play goals. Sometimes he had to shoot from the slot, and not just take long-range shots, but he made it work. Yaroslav blocked 72 shots in the regular season. Tsulygin is not the biggest defenseman (182cm, 71kg), but this didn’t prevent him from stepping in front of a puck to stop shots.

Islam Garaishin, defenseman (Sputnik)

The best defenseman of Sputnik in the 2021/2022 season. At the end of the regular season, Bogdan Korotkov got injured, Garaishin was tabbed captain of the team and did well. He was also good in terms of point production: 13 goals - the fourth best result among defensemen, 31 points - the tenth best result. Sputnik is far from being the best offensive team in the League, so the stats is quite impressive. Garaishin was sometimes hard to be distinguished from a forward: the player could make a big difference in the offensive zone. His aggressive play made opponents break the rules 20 times during the season, he was credited with almost a hundred of hits.

Gleb Petrov, forward (Mikhailov Academy)

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The top goalscorer of the regular season is an essential part of the dream team. 42 goals scored in just 55 games, including 25 even strength goals, eight game-winners, one hat trick and eight braces. With such an impressive point production, the forward had a decent shooting percentage (17.6%). In Petrov’s case, it is worth mentioning the importance of his linemates - Kirill Pukelo and Vadim Sivchuk - who were helping the goalscorer to get to a good shooting position. The forward himself gave credit to his partners many times, but all this would be useless if Petrov didn’t have a great knack for the net. The experience that Gleb gained over the years in the JHL also had an effect.

Vladimir Korablyov, forward (Loko-76)

Vladimir Korablyov is one of the main reasons for the successful performance of Loko-76 in their first JHL season. The fourth top scorer (73 points) of the regular season, the assists leader by solid margins (55 assists). A year ago, it was hard to predict such progress of Korablyov. He looked more like a hard-working third/fourth-line center. But with the trust from the coach, it turned out that he can be used as a leading player who was able to affect the result. Korablyov was good at faceoffs (almost 60% won), he worked hard in any format. The Yaroslavl player scored four points in four playoff games against the best Eastern Conference Team, Stalnye Lisy.

Bogdan Senotov, forward (Mamonty Ugry)

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Bogdan Senotov from Mamonty Ugry became the top scorer of the regular season. Similarly to Petrov, the high-level linemates come into the picture. Senotov commonly played with Vladimir Korobintsev and Yaroslav Yapparov. 40 goals, 79 points in 62 games. If opponents gave Bogdan some free space, it usually resulted in an offensive opportunity or a goal. He had almost 300 shots on goal and 34 even strength goals in the season. 24 games were played with scoring two or more points.