29.04.2022 в 20:30

Yaroslav Likhachyov – Most Valuable Player, Khasanov – Best Coach. 2021/2022 MHL award-winners

The men of the season picked up their awards.

The Closing Ceremony of the thirteenth JHL season has ended in Moscow. The best players of the 2021/2022 championship got their prizes.

Most valuable player of the JHL season
Yaroslav Likhachyov (Loko)

The Yaroslavl forward spent his only season in the JHL. He returned to Russia from overseas and quickly became a leader of Loko. Likhachyov scored 74 (37+37) points in 51 regular season games, and he was one of the points leaders and top goalscorers in the playoffs, although his team got eliminated in quarter-finals. He scored 20 (9+12) points in nine playoff games.

Best goalie
Kirill Samsonov (Krasnaya Armiya)

The 19-year-old goaltender was adjudged to be the best at this position in the regular season in terms of goals against average (1.66) and saves percentage (93.9%). Together with Krasnaya Armiya, Samsonov reached the Kharlamov Cup Final, won a silver medal and was recognized as the best goaltender of the decisive series. He played 19 playoff games (1057 minutes played).

Best defenseman
Alexei Kozhevnikov (Loko-76)

The offensive defenseman spent his third season in the JHL, he played for Loko-76 in the 2021/2022 season, and helped the team to clinch a playoff spot in its debut season. Kozhevnikov became the most point-producing defenseman in the regular season: he scored 45 (17 + 28) points in 62 games and his plus/minus was +12. He also scored two goals in four playoff games.

Top goalscorer 
Gleb Petrov (Mikhailov Academy)

Over the four seasons in the JHL, the forward played for Almaz and Chaika, but his potential was unlocked in Mikhailov Academy. Petrov scored 42 goals and was credited with 21 assists in 55 games. The Tula offensive trio, which also included Kirill Pukelo and Vadim Sivchuk, became the most point-producing line in the regular season.

“My partners would joke: “Are you gonna score two-three goals again?” the top goalscorer of the regular season Gleb Petrov said regarding his achievement

Top scorer
Bogdan Senotov (Mamonty Ugry)

The 20-year-old forward helped his team to finish third in scoring in the regular season after Loko and Stalnye Lisy. Senotov scored 40 goals and was credited with 39 assists (79 points) in 62 games.

“I was keeping an eye on Buchelnikov, he almost caught up with me in terms of points scored." the top scorer of the regular season Bogdan Senotov said about the last season in the JHL

Best coach
Rinat Khasanov (Krasnaya Armiya)

Rinat Khasanov became the head coach of Krasnaya Armiya in the 2020/2021 playoffs, he had previously worked with the team in the 2018/2018 season. Coached by Khasanov, the Moscow team became the best team in the Western conference and set the MHL record for the longest winning streak in the regular season (23). The coach took Krasnaya Armiya to the Kharlamov Cup finals.

Best rookie
Vyacheslav Malov (Omskie Yastreby)

The Omsk team finished the regular season ranked sixth in the Eastern conference and became one of the main sensations of the playoffs: they reached the semifinals, but got beat by Krasnaya Armiya in the decisive game. Malov scored 39 (17+22) points in 58 regular season games, and 14 (5+9) points in 13 playoff games. The line comprised of Vyacheslav Malov, Yegor Serdyuk and Gleb Trikozov became the most point-producing one in the Kharlamov Cup series. Malov's 45 hits in the playoffs is the best result in the JHL.

Best linesman
Valentin Zaitsev

The 20-year-old official from Moscow spent his third season in the JHL, he worked 20 regular season games and 10 playoff games. The matchup between Sputnik and Chaika in the first round of Kharlamov Cup playoffs was his 100th game in the JHL.

Best referee
Igor Kamenshchikov

Another representative of Moscow worked 41 regular season games and 12 playoff games in the 2021/2022 season. In total, he worked 129 games during three seasons in the JHL.

Best fan
Svetlana Trofimova (Avto)

Best press office of the season (based on Media Battle results)
SKA-1946, St. Petersburg

Best TikTok video of the season (based on Media Battle results)
Avto, Ekaterinburg