Daniil Bryzgalov: “During our losing streak, I quit superstitions. They stopped working”

20.01.2022 в 15:00

Daniil Bryzgalov: “During our losing streak, I quit superstitions. They stopped working”

HC Kapitan’s goalie Daniil Bryzgalov was one of the heroes of his team’s victory against Dynamo Moscow. Dynamo, one of the top teams in the West, won the first game, but lost the second to the team at the bottom of the standings. This way, HC Kapitan broke 15-game losing streak that had been going on since last November. Daniil Bryzgalov, who is not related to the famous goalie Ilya Bryzgalov, has to face a lot of shots in every game. Even against teams in the second half of the league’s standings, the goalie has a hard work in front of himself.

That kind of work doesn’t always pay off for the team, but Bryzgalov continues to get in best saves highlight reels and get the experience he needs to move up to the next level.

Moreover, on the HC Kapitan’s locker room, the goalie periodically asks his partners to change their music, as he has a rather atypical taste in music for a hockey player. Bryzgalov also creates music himself and plays the piano in his spare time. He told about all this in an interview with the JHL’s official site.

“It was a very important game for us,” Bryzgalov says about his team’s long-awaited victory over Dynamo. “We wanted to break our losing streak. It was hard, and everyone wanted to snap it. After the New Year we had some serious practicing, we were well prepared. We were very happy that we won and went to St. Petersburg in a good mood for the next game.”

It’s obvious that the young goalie had significant progress since last year. “I’m trying hard,” he says. “I need to thanks to the coaches, who set goals and help me achieve them, everything is good in this respect. I hope the season will be a step up. I’m facing a lot of shots in this regular season, I play more games, it’s good experience. But the season isn’t over yet, and we’ll try to win as much as we can.”

“Losing is always unpleasant,” he adds. “You’re always sitting there sad. But facing lots of shots is good for any goalie. It helps you develop and get faster to the next level faster.” 


Naturally, with such a surname, he is often asked about Ilya Bryzgalov. “He was a very good goalie, he spent so many seasons in the NHL and with the national team. I can’t say that I followed him closely, but it was nice to see him play. I am asked if he’s my relative all the time. We also share the same nickname, Bryz, or Bryzgy.” 

“We had a hockey field next to our place, there was a sports school,” he recalls when asked about his first steps in hockey. “And one day we talked about going and trying my hand at it. I came a little later than everyone else, everyone already knew how to skate, but I didn’t yet. So I’ve been put on goal right away. I mean, the way they did it – I sat on the ice and rejected the pucks. But I liked it. Then I began to skate and after about a year, I asked to play on goal. It took a long time to decide with my parents.” 

Bryzgalov first started as a forward. “The transition to goalkeeper from being a forward isn’t an easy one. If you made the transition, then it’s for good. My parents needed a reason. It wasn’t scary, it was interesting from the start.” 

Moreover, he also said that he changed his approach to the games as HC Kapitan continued to lose games. “During this streak, I quit superstitions. They stopped working,” he says with a smile. 

The goalie is also interested in music, with a unusual taste. “I listen to music according to my moods,” he says. “I like rock morem but at the moment, I’m listening to 80s music in general.” Usually, however, younger players prefer hip-hop or dance music. Perhaps Brzygalov has a hard time in those moments. “Sometimes, so I ask them to switch it up. I like intellectual music because I play the piano. First, I studied with a tutor, and then online. Now I know how to play. I only know three songs so far, however. I can, for example, play the theme from the musical “Cats”. The piano is soothing and helps me to cope with stress.”