“The team has made a step forward”. How JHC Dynamo Moscow is going to look like in 2021-22

08.07.2021 в 12:30

“The team has made a step forward”. How JHC Dynamo Moscow is going to look like in 2021-22

Let’s take a closer look at the reigning Kharlamov Cup champions roster.

Last season JHC Dynamo Moscow won their first Kharlamov Cup in franchise history. Most of the hockey players, who helped the team to win the championship title, will remain on Moscow active roster. Several of the players have reached their age limit in Junior Hockey League, while others have outgrown it skill-wise. Many Dynamo members, who are still eligible to play in Junior Hockey League, will begin the season on VHL and KHL teams.

“Imagine that out of those players who have played for us in the finals, only one or two will report back to the camp,” said Yaroslav Lyuzenkov in June. “Other players will move on to VHL and KHL. In my opinion, it’s a decent display of how our system works and how well the boys worked this season. It’s fair to say that the team has made a step forward.”

That’s exactly what happened. There’s just one player, who played in 2021 Kharlamov Cup Finals against Loko Yaroslavl, on the list for Dynamo’s first pre-season camp – forward Danil Paramonov. The following players have begun their pre-season camp with Dynamo’s VHL team – goaltenders Dmitry Menshatov and Maxim Motorygin; defensemen Mikhail Bolshakov, Kirill Vaschilin, Oleg Gofman and Yegor Smirnov; forwards Ivan Didkovsky, Dmitry Zlodeyev, Mark Katsevich, Alexander Kisakov, Anton Kosolapov, Nikita Lukhovskoy, Maxim Makhrin, Valentin Nikonorov and Dmitry Rashevsky. All of the above competed in Junior Hockey League Finals, except for Menshatov, Motorygin, Katsevich and Nikonorov.

Some of the players (defensemen Andrei Pribylsky, Arman Iritsyan and Yegor Alanov, along with forwards Vladislav Mikhailov, Yegor Bryzgalov, Oleg Zaitsev, Daniil Gutik and Bogdan Trineyev) are missing on both VHL and JHL Dynamo pre-season lists. It seems that they will begin the pre-season with Kontinental Hockey League’s Dynamo Moscow under head-coach Alexei Kudashov’s command.

Below we have a complete guide for young players in Dynamo Moscow system eligible for head-coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov.


Forwards: Andrei Nikonov (Chayka Nizhny Novgorod Region), Maxim Petrov (JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg)

18-year-old forward Andrei Nikonov, who had spent the previous three seasons with Chayka Nizhny Novgorod Region, signed a 2-way deal with Dynamo Moscow. The forward played 123 Junior Hockey League games, scoring 16 goals and notching 23 assists for a total of 39 points. Nikonov scored his last goal in the 2021 Kharlamov Cup Playoffs. It was a notable game, in which Nizhny Novgorod stormed over Tolpar Ufa 8-2. The goal proved to be one for the highlight reel.

In the 2019-20 season Nikonov made his debut for Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod at the age of 16 years and 353 days. Thus he made the Top-10 list of the youngest Kontinental Hockey League rookies. Nikonov has played three games in the league.

JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg forward Maxim Petrov moved to Moscow. Last season he was sixth on St. Petersburg in points. He played 114 games in Junior Hockey League, scoring 20 goals and notching 22 assists for a total of 42 points.

Leaving Junior Hockey League due to age limit


Goaltender: Vadim Zherenko (Ilves, Finland)
Defensemen: Andrei Pribylsky, Yegor Alanov (both remain in Dynamo Moscow system)
Forwards: Nikita Lukhovskoy, Maxim Makhrin, Valentin Nikonorov, Mark Katsevich, Vladislav Mikhailov, Yegor Bryzgalov, Oleg Zaitsev, Dmitry Rashevsky, Yegor Zvonov (all remain in Dynamo Moscow system), Alexander Barakhtin (Unrestricted Free Agent).

Several of Dynamo key players will not be eligible to compete in Junior Hockey League due to age restrictions. Only players born after June 1st, 2001 are eligible to compete in the league in the upcoming season. Notably, most of the players will remain within the club system. Biggest lost for the major junior team are first line forwards Nikita Lukhovskoy and captain Maxim Makhrin. JHC Dynamo Moscow will also have to do without experienced defensemen Andrei Pribylsky and Yegor Alanov. The latter joined JHC Dynamo Moscow only during the playoffs and scored the game-winning goal in his very first game in the season against Krasnaya Armiya Moscow. A number of talented players have competed in Junior Hockey League for the last time and will now try their like to crack VHL and KHL lineups. Most noticeable of them are Vladislav Mikhailov and Dmitry Rashevsky, who has already played nine games in Kontinental Hockey League and registered an assist. Goaltender Vadim Zherenko, who played virtually every game last playoffs, opted out of Dynamo system and moved to Finland.

Remaining players eligible for Junior Hockey League

Goaltenders: Maxim Yeryomenko, Dmitry Menshatov, Rostislav Gluschenko, Maxim Motorygin.
Defensemen: Arman Iritsyan, Nikita Zapolsky, Gleb Ivanov, Arseny Pozhidayev, Dmitry Romko, Vladislav Sapunov, Vladislav Tyulenev, Magomed Sharakanov, Yegor Smirnov, Vasily Machulin, Kirill Vaschilin, Nikita Novikov, Oleg Gofman, Mikhail Bolshakov.
Forwards: Timofey Katkov, Sergei Dyakonov, Kirill Guryanov, Artyom Ivanov, Mikhail Kulakovsky, Matvei Nadvorny, Danil Paramonov, Nikita Ryzhov, Matvei Sumin, Danila Tkach, Alexander Fesenko, Fyodor Filin, Alexander Kisakov, Daniil Gutik, Ivan Didkovsky, Bogdan Trineyev, Anton Kosolapov, Dmitry Zlodeyev.

Despite heavy losses, JHC Dynamo Moscow still have an impressive cohort of players who are eligible for Junior Hockey League next season. There are 36 names on the list but many of the players may join VHL and KHL teams within the club system. Among them Alexander Kisakov, who led JHC Dynamo Moscow in scoring last season. He will most definitely get a chance to prove his worth in men’s leagues but in case of his return to Junior Hockey League head-coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov will have to find new linemates for the star forward. Several other key players will be able to compete for JHC Dynamo Moscow again in the upcoming season – Daniil Gutik, Ivan Didkovsky, Bogdan Trineyev and Dmitry Zlodeyev. Mikhail Kulakovsky, Danil Paramonov and Valentin Nikonorov are among those players who were in the shadow of Dynamo’s power-line last season but they also have a chance to end up on men’s teams.

JHC Dynamo Moscow were able to keep all of their Junior Hockey League defensive core. Arman Iritsyan, Yegor Smirnov and Vasily Machulin are still eligible to play in Junior Hockey League. Head-coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov also has to be pleased with those who next in line – Mikhail Bolshakov, Oleg Gofman, Kirill Vaschilin and others. Goaltenders Maxim Motorygin and Dmitry Menshatov, who split most of the regular season ice-time among them and helped JHC Dynamo Moscow win Western Conference championship title, will also remain with the team. Rostislav Gluschenko and Maxim Yeryomenko – son of legendary Russian goaltender Alexander Yeryomenko – will have to work hard to compete with Motorygin and Menshatov.

Try-out contracts

Goaltenders: Yegor Petkilev (U18 Dynamo Moscow), Artyom Putulyan (U18 Omskie Yastreby)
Defensemen: Yegor Osetrov (2004 Krylia Sovetov Moscow), Andrei Aksyonov (U18 Dynamo Moscow), Konstantin Toropov (U18 Dynamo Moscow).
Forwards: Denis Komrakov (U18 Dynamo Moscow), Maxim Muranov (U18 Dynamo Moscow), Maxim Yurkov (U18 Dynamo Moscow).  

Eight players with try-out contracts joined JHC Dynamo Moscow for the pre-season camp. Two of them joined the blue-and-white from other junior hockey schools – goaltender Artyom Putulyan of Omskie Yastreby Omsk Region and defenseman Yegor Osetrov of Krylia Sovetov Moscow. Others are Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school alumni. Defenseman Andrei Aksyonov averaged just over a point per game in 22 outings for U18 Dynamo Moscow. 17-year-old forward Maxim Yurkov is close in the same statistical category.

Dynamo Moscow fans are well-familiar with the last name Muranov. 21-year-old Ivan Muranov has already played two full seasons in Kontinental Hockey League. The latter was the most successful for him. Ivan Muranov scored eight goals and notched two assists for a total of ten points in 51 regular season games. He also picked up an assist in Gagarin Cup Playoffs. The hockey player is known for his excellent skating and forechecking. He averaged a point in five games is a decent result for a third-line player. Last year the forward said that, “maybe soon Junior Hockey League will see another Muranov”. There is a chance that the prediction will come true already in the upcoming season – Ivan Muranov’s younger brother Maxim is on try-out at Yaroslav Lyuzenkov’s team.

Junior contracts

Goaltenders: Yegor Yegorov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Timofey Kozecheyev (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school).
Defensemen: Igor Verbitsky (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Artyom Kudashov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school). 
Forwards: Nikita Bogomolov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Artyom Krylov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Pavel Lemeshov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Matvei Maximov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Bogdan Nosachev (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Emil Pyanov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Yegor Rimashevsky (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Kirill Sidnev (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Arseny Fidchenko (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school), Igor Chernyshov (Dynamo Moscow junior hockey school).

JHC Dynamo Moscow inked 15 players to junior contracts. Nine of the players are currently with Yaroslav Lyuzenkov at the pre-season camp in Tver. Defensemen Igor Verbitsky and Artyom Kudashov (current Dynamo Moscow head-coach Alexei Kudashov’s son) as well as forwards Alexei Zaitsev, Matvei Maximov, Yegor Rimashevsky and Igor Chernyshov were called up to U17 Team Russia camp.


JHC Dynamo Moscow ended their off-season on June 28th. Yaroslav Lyuzenkov’s team runs a camp in Tver until July 25th. From July 27th to August 1st JHC Dynamo Moscow will participate in HC Salavat Yulaev Ufa Cup in Bashkortostan. Reigning Kharlamov Cup champions will meet Avto Yekaterinburg, Omskie Yastreby Omsk Region, Reaktor Nizhnekamsk, Tolpar Ufa and Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk. JHC Dynamo Moscow will return to Tver after the tournament for a week.

From August 14th to August 18th JHC Dynamo Moscow will participate in Bystrov Memorial in St. Petersburg. Yaroslav Lyuzenkov’s men will play five games at the tournament.

August 14th. 1-30pm. JHC Dynamo Moscow vs. Dynamo 576
August 15th. 1-30pm. Krasnaya Armiya Moscow vs. JHC Dynamo Moscow
August 16th. 4-30pm. JHC Dynamo Moscow vs. JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg
August 17th. 10-30am. SKA-1946 St. Petersburg vs. JHC Dynamo Moscow
August 18th. 1-30pm. Almaz Cherepovets vs. JHC Dynamo Moscow

After the tournament JHC Dynamo Moscow will return to Tver to continue their pre-season preparation right until the start of the regular season.