10.06.2021 в 20:00

Marketing and media relations 2021 award winners revealed. Didkovsky tops social media category

Five teams receive awards along with two Junior Hockey League players.

Kontinental Hockey League seminar on marketing and media relations was held on June 10. Top Junior Hockey League teams received awards for media and Internet projects.

Top social media profile among players

Winner: Ivan Didkovsky, JHC Dynamo Moscow

Over 20 players were considered for the award. Ivan Didkovsky, who has over 3500 subscribers had 60 post on his Instagram profile over the 2020-21 season. Most of his content was photographs from Junior Hockey League games.

Top club in media projects

Winner: JHC Dynamo Moscow

Quality of video content, views on posted videos as well as following of Junior Hockey League marketing and media relations regulations in providing home game broadcasts were considered in selecting the winner. After analyzing Dynamo Moscow major junior team was given the award.

The club produces a lot of sports and sports ambience video content. Dynamo provides viewer with quality broadcasting of its home games, publishes video highlights with due timing as well as post-game interviews. Creative projects such as holiday videos, dressing-room videos and Mic’d Up videos stand out with high quality filming and video editing.

Top club play-by-play commentator

Winner: Andrei Shestakov, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg

Top club play-by-play commentator was selected based on a vote held by Junior Hockey League club media relations department and Kontinental Hockey League communications department. Andrei Shestakov has demonstrated deep knowledge of current events and hockey history as well as refined speech. The play-by-play commentator interacts with his audience, who post their questions in the chatroom of Junior Hockey League YouTube channel during live broadcasts.

Top media relations department

Winner: JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg

The franchise has demonstrated a high level of game coverage on their website and social media for several years, as well as interacting with mass media outlets. The media relations department regularly posts in-depth interviews with the team’s players and video projects.

Progress of the year

Winners: Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk, JHC Dynamo Moscow

Progress Of The Year is an award in the field of communications. Selected teams have demonstrated the biggest improvement in terms of its media relations departments quality of work in the 2020-21 season comparing to the 2019-20 season.

Belye Medvedi. Prior to the 2020-21 season Chelyabinsk launched a new official website with modern design and developed quality graphics for their social media. The volume of quality content regarding the Junior Hockey League team of the franchise has augmented.

JHC Dynamo Moscow. Prior to the 2020-21 the franchise hired a specialist, who focuses entirely on media communications for VHL and Junior Hockey League teams. The level of game coverage has drastically improved both on the club’s official website and social media. Dynamo was also selected as Junior Hockey League’s top team in video projects.

Top club on social media

Winner: Omskie Yastreby Omsk

The ‘Hawks’ were the only Junior Hockey League team to surpass 40,000 subscribers on social media platforms. The increase of subscribers by the end of the season was over 50%. Social media accounts of the team stand out by their quality editing of all team events on social media made in unique graphic style. In the 2020-21 season the club launched a TikTok account.

Top creativity of the season

Winner: Alexander Kuleshov, Tolpar Ufa

Last season Tolpar Ufa netminder Alexander Kuleshov developed an unusual tradition – prior to every game he would draw a small picture on the blade of his stick. The pictures varied in artistic difficulty and content – from Mickey Mouse to Angry Birds to Sponge Bob.

Top Internet website

Winners: Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk

To select the top Junior Hockey League team Internet website content, design, usability and audience numbers were analyzed for each of 32 teams. Despite the beta preface, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk website, renovated in 2020, stands out among the competition. It’s easy to navigate on mobile devices as well as computers.