“We got carried away and lost the momentum”. Miroshnichenko, Yurov and Leschyov comment on Team Russia’s first loss at U18 World Championship

Team Russia
28.04.2021 в 03:30
“We got carried away and lost the momentum”. Miroshnichenko, Yurov and Leschyov comment on Team Russia’s first loss at U18 World Championship

Team Russia forwards Ivan Miroshnichenko and Danila Yurov as well as head-coach Albert Leschyov comment on losing their first game at the 2021 U18 World Championship to Team Finland.

“The Finns had more energy left in the tank”

Ivan Miroshnichenko, Omskie Yastreby and U18 Team Russia forward.

“We had the game in our hands. We played as the better side. Everything was going well until the third period. We got carried away a little bit, allowed a late goal, lost the momentum and ended up losing the game,” said Miroshnichenko.

“As for [Fyodor] Svechkov scoring two goals – he did a great job. He scored the goals and we helped him a little. We got emotional and took some penalties. Obviously, it’s not something we wanted to do, especially in overtime. We’re going to work on improving the level of play of our line and the whole team. We have things to work on.

“We have to improve our breaking out. We don’t have perfect lines and we got tired towards the end. Perhaps, that’s what impeded us from holding on to the win. The boys didn’t manage to pull through and had trouble getting the puck out of the zone. Then the Finns pulled their goaltender and we couldn’t contain them five skaters against six. They had more energy remaining in the tank. We were able to contain them only for two periods and then the fatigue kicked in. Prior to the game we studied the Finns. We didn’t put emphasis on [Brad] Lambert or any other players.”

Danila Yurov, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk and U18 Team Russia forward.

“[Sergei] Ivanov played well in his debut game,” added Yurov. “We did our best to help him out but we spoiled the day for him late in the game a little. But he did a great job. My teammates did a great job finding open ice, so all I had to do was getting the puck to them. I can’t be satisfied with my game because we lost. That means I had to play better.

“I don’t think that the pause following [Oliver] Kapanen’s injury affected the game. It wasn’t a key moment. We just had to stick to our brand of hockey.”

“We made the decision concerning Ivanov well ahead”

Albert Leschyov, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg and U18 Team Russia head-coach.

“Second game turned out to be less emotional,” noted Leschyov. “We had left a lot of emotions on the ice the day before. We had less than 24 hours to rest and we lacked the energy a bit. But the boys battled hard and did their best. Everyone did a great job.

“As for our penalty killing, we prepared for the game and studied the opposition. We adjusted a few things. We made the decision regarding giving the nod to Ivanov well ahead of the game. I can’t say that the pause following the Finnish player getting injured in the third period affected the game. Injuries happen in hockey. My take on officials? I never comment on them. They have a job of their own and I have a job to do as well.”