“Tolpar was outplaying us”. Dynamo proceeds to the finals but the final score of the series doesn’t give it justice as players of both teams note

07.04.2021 в 19:00
“Tolpar was outplaying us”. Dynamo proceeds to the finals but the final score of the series doesn’t give it justice as players of both teams note

Dynamo celebrate the win twice

Dynamo Moscow’s major junior team was first to clinch a berth in the 2021 Kharlamov Cup Finals. The fate of their semifinal series against Tolpar Ufa was decided in Game 3 overtime. Ivan Didkovsky scored a goal and his teammates skated over to congratulate the forward but they had to cool down as the officials went to video review the goal.

“We watched the replay on a tablet and thought the goal had to be confirmed,” said JHC Dynamo Moscow head-coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov. “But we were a little worried because the officials were reviewing the play for a long time.”

After video review, during which almost 3,000 fans didn’t leave Ufa City Sports Palace, the official pointed to center ice. The goal was confirmed and Dynamo celebrated getting to the finals for the second time – and just as emotional, it seemed.

“We realized that the goal was most likely going to be confirmed,” admitted Tolpar Ufa head-coach Igor Grishin. “We believe that before the rebound there was high sticking on the play. But then the rebound happened so the officials, as far I understand, don’t review the high sticking episode. The moment was very dynamical; I’m yet to re-watch it on video. But, judging by what our video coach tells me, the officials made the right call.”

Grishin suspected that JHC Dynamo Moscow forward Bogdan Trineyev might have hit the puck with a high stick. We asked the player what he was feeling like during the video review.

“I had no emotions at all. I knew for a fact that I didn’t raise my stick too high. I was hoping the goal was going to be confirmed,” said Trineyev.

It does seem an easy win for Dynamo on paper as they took the series 3-0. Looking at final scores present a different picture – the blue-and-white enjoyed a solid 4-1 victory in Game 1 but had to go the extra mile in the following two games, which they won 4-3 in the shootout and 3-2 in overtime, respectively. As the matter of fact, Tolpar often seemed to be the better team – Ufa players feel like that as well Dynamo.

“Here’s what I have to say right away – the 3-0 score doesn’t paint a just picture,” admitted Dynamo head-coach Yaroslav Lyuzenkov. “We would have been in trouble, had the series lasted longer. We wanted to show our brand of hockey but the opposition forced us to adjust to their style. Ufa played well and they had a great support coming from the stands as well. Tolpar even outplayed us late in regulation when they switched to playing three lines, even though we rolled all of our four lines throughout the game. After the game I told the boys, We got lucky today so let’s get ready for the upcoming games.”

“Tolpar could have won a game back in Moscow,” continues Bogdan Trineyev. “Two overtimes and the shootout – it was a tough series. I agree that Tolpar outplayed us in the last game. Home crowd forced them to play aggressively, while we had trouble containing them.”

“The final score doesn’t always paint justly what is going on in the game,” agreed with Dynamo players Ufa head-coach Igor Grishin. “I believe our team looked better than Dynamo in the last game. We didn’t do well in Game 1. The opponent had a slight advantage in Game 2 but we managed to take it to the shootout. Had we won Game 2, who knows how the series would have panned out.”