“Pashin doesn’t smile even in the locker-room”. Key moments and quotes from Day 5 of the playoffs

15.03.2021 в 22:00

“Pashin doesn’t smile even in the locker-room”. Key moments and quotes from Day 5 of the playoffs

Top moments and quotes from Day 3 of the 2021 Kharlamov Cup Playoffs. Six teams made it to next round. Loko Yaroslavl will face SKA-1946 St. Petersburg.

Tolpar 5-4 Mamonty Yugry OT
Tolpar Ufa win series 3-1

Mamonty Yugry Khanty-Mansiysk were close to force Game 5 but Alexaner Pashin put on a real show, scoring four goals in the contest, including the overtime-winner. Tolpar Ufa proceeds to next round.

Igor Grishin, Tolpar Ufa head-coach.

“I’m thankful to the boys for the series because at times they played on a really high level, showing good and beautiful hockey,” says Grishin. “Today we had a really tough game. The boys were motivated to the max to get a win. We had a tough going. The momentum was largely on our side but just as we would score, we would easily allow a goal ourselves. I’m thankful to the guys for not giving up. They would find the strength after every failure and finally luck came on our side and we went on to win. Everyone is happy. We’re going to get some rest and begin getting ready for next series.

“First round is always very difficult. It’s always very tough to start the playoffs. Not everyone is ready. Many players don’t have the experience. There are a lot of young guys who have never made it to post-season. There are guys who played in one round last year and that’s not a huge experience. We have to get that experience as we go. But obviously such emotional wins will give us strength and motivation, I think. Hopefully, we can keep the luck on our side and play just as well – or perhaps even better – in the next round.”

Pavel Yelizarov, Tolpar Ufa defenseman.

“First of all, proper credit should be given to our opponent. After all, we have an older and more skilled team. Many of us have played at men’s level,” says Pavel Yelizarov. “Mamonty Yugry battled hard against us, except for Game 2 when they just fell apart. We’re getting ready for upcoming games. Today we had an important win in terms of building the team for the playoffs. After all, we salvaged the game with two minutes remaining on the clock in regulation, being down. I want to thank our fans for a greater turnout than in the regular season. I want to see a full-house so we could share the joy after won games. Looks like Pashin rested well last night and came out re-energized. I don’t know how it’s even possible. How can you score four goals and add an assist in a playoff game? Today he’s our hero. But he doesn’t even smile in the locker-room. I would have probably glowed for happiness!”.

Stalnye Lisy 6-3 Belye Medvedi  
The series is tied 2-2

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk lost in Magnitogorsk to Stalnye Lisy. The Ural Rivalry will go to Game 5. Danila Yurov scored a pair.

Alexei Zavarukhin, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk head-coach.

“It’s difficult to name a reason for the loss. Early in the game we thought the opposition would come our hard,” explains Zavarukhin. “Stalnye Lisy had nothing to lose. Some of our players weren’t ready for the early moments of the game as it turned out, even though we warned everyone. Aside from that, our penalty kill unit didn’t do a good job. We allowed three or four goals down a man. There’s nothing to worry about. The series is tied 2-2. We’re getting ready for Game 5. After two blowout wins some of our boys believed that the opposition would just give up. We warned our players, we were getting ready for the game but it seems that our words weren’t heard. Everyone on the team is thankful for the support. We also want to thank the fans who made the trip.”

Avto 1-2 Irbis
Irbis lead the series 3-1

Irbis Kazan closed out the series in Yekaterinburg as they scored two goals in the opening period of action – Alexander Kvartlanov and Savely Kuvardin got the markers.

Artyom Anisimov, Irbis Kazan head-coach.

“It was a very good series. We faced a serious opponent,” admits Anisimov. “I said before, after Game 1. We had some good games against the team in the regular season and the playoffs as well. This is the playoffs. We were able to be better and that’s why we beat the good team and made it to the next round. What did I tell my players in the late minutes of regulation? We just showed the guys who to play the right way tactics-wise. They came out and did just that. Yes, we did allow a goal but we didn’t let the opposition create anything else.”

Sputnik 3-5 Chayka  
Chayka Nizhny Novgorod win the series 3-1

In the second playoff game in Almetyevsk Chayka Nizhny Novgorod got the only regulation win of the series. The success led Nizhny Novgorod to Kharlamov Cup quarterfinals.

Nikolai Voyevodin, Chayka Nizhny Novgorod head-coach.

“We scored five goals today and won in regulation. The goals loosen the boys up a bit and they got more confident,” believes Voyevodin. “Our opponent battled till the last second, thus creating problems for us and made our fans nervous. Our boys did well and pulled through, good job. It wasn’t an easy series. We got off to a difficult start. We scored the goals we needed, caught the opposition with our quick transition plays and, obviously, played with our hearts on our sleeves. You can’t win in the playoffs with no heart. Our doctor will heal the bumps, cuts and bruises of our boys. Playoffs is a true battle, a real bout. It doesn’t matter what reinforces the opposition may get. We aim to win!”.

Gleb Petrov, Chayka Nizhny Novgorod forward.

“It’s great that we managed to win in regulation! It was an even game, it was difficult and there were a lot of hits. We got a little luckier, we played with more heart and the luck was on our side. I want to thank Sputnik [Almetyevsk] for the series. It was fun to play against them. It was difficult and exciting. There’s a good ambience in our locker-room. Everyone is happy. We’re thankful to our fans for their support. We can feel it even from far away. We’re getting ready for our next opponent. Our mindset is to battle hard.”

Krasnaya Armiya 4-3 Spartak SO
Krasnaya Armiya Moscow lead the series 2-1

Krasnaya Armiya beat their Moscow rivals JHC Spartak in the shootout in Game 3. The red-and-white came back from behind twice.

Rinat Khasanov, Krasnaya Armiya Moscow acting head-coach.

“I liked the mad desire to win the game in our boys. It was good to see the fans supporting us,” says Khasanov. “I didn’t like the silly mistakes we made and the shootout is a lottery. Tomorrow we have another game. We need to rest the right way and work on our mistakes.”

Vsevolod Skotnikov, Krasnaya Armiya Moscow goaltender.

“It was an even game. We took the lead but Yegor Kuzminov scored a very important goal. After that we had to play with our hearts on our sleeves. That’s what we did on overtime. The gam went to the shootout and thank God we won. Spartak is a very strong team, they battled till the end. I managed to stop all five shootout attempts. I just tracked the puck, calmly controlled the situation and didn’t worry. We’re all adults here. We know how to prepare for the games. We’re going to keep our emotions in check and play to win tomorrow.”

JHC Atlant – 0-3 JHC Dynamo Moscow
JHC Dynamo Moscow win the series 3-0

JHC Dynamo Moscow beat JHC Atlant Moscow Region in the third consecutive game. Mytischi fans didn’t see a single goal by their favorites.

JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg 4-5 Loko OT
Loko Yaroslavl win the series 3-0

Loko Yaroslavl also went on to sweep the opening round series as they beat JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg on the road. Yaroslavl had to come back from a 2-goal deficit. The fate of the game was decided only in overtime.

Alexander Ardashev, Loko Yaroslavl head-coach.

“First of all, on behalf of our team I want to wish Timur Faizutdinov to recover his health. We’re very worried about him and we believe that Timur can pull through!” stated Ardashev. “We got off to a bad start today. We weren’t exactly in the right mindset coming in, even though we warned our boys that they were in for a really difficult game. The good thing was that we managed to turn things around in the second period. We swapped our goaltenders because Yegor Guskov wasn’t having a good game exactly. We also needed to shake things up a bit for our team and clinch the series. All in all, it’s fair to say that I was happy with our defensive effort in Game 1. In Game 2 we managed to crack the opposition’s defense and today we showed character.”

Almaz 2-5 SKA-1946
SKA-1946 St. Petersburg win the series 3-0

After Loko Yaroslavl and JHC Dynamo Moscow, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg became the third team to clinch their series as they beat Almaz in Cherepovets. ‘Army men’ will face Loko in the next round.

Albert Leschyov, SKA-1946 St. Petersburg head-coach.

“It was a difficult series, we faced a very good opponent,” says Leschyov. “It was a good win for us. I want to congratulate the boys on making it to the next round. You can never predict anything in the playoffs. It just so happened that we got a sweep in the series. These games against Almaz were special for me. I wanted to win and we did exactly that.”

Vladimir Leshko, Almaz Cherepovets head-coach.

“We faced a very strong opponent, who dressed good players,” notes Leshko. “It was very difficult. We had a chance in St. Petersburg, especially in Game 1. We could have stolen Game 2 and we could have done the same today. I don’t have anything against my boys. It’s difficult to face such a well-coached and physically developed team. We did everything we could.”