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Top moments and quotes from Day 2 of the 2021 Kharlamov Cup Playoffs.

Mamonty Yugry 3-7 Tolpar 
Tolpar Ufa lead series 2-0

Tolpar Ufa enjoyed another – and much more solid - win over Mamonty Yugry Khanty-Mansiysk. Sergei Varlov and Andrei Kuznetsov scored two goals each.

Sergei Varlov, Tolpar Ufa defenseman
“We came out pumped up, played to win and were able to meet our coach’s demands,” explains Varlov. “We have to get the series out of the way as quickly as possible and get some rest to get ready for the next round. We have to be more aggressive in the offensive zone but also stay alert defensively. If you join the rush, don’t forget to backcheck. When I scored my first goal, everything was sort of on automatic. The pass went over a stick and I just had to skate to the net, take a shot and score. As for my second goal, we’ve had the play since 2013 when the coach taught it to us and Andrei Kuznetsov and I have done it ever since. I pass it to him, skate to the far post, he either passes or saucers it back to me and all I have to do is tap it home.”

Igor Grishin, Tolpar Ufa head-coach.
“The boys followed the gameplan, which we had talked about,” adds Grishin. “We watched episodes from our previous game – the good and the not-so-good – and made certain adjustments. Generally speaking, everything went our way and that’s why we were able to get such a result. But then again, it was a tough game. The opposition was rather aggressive, they played hard and we had to give it everything we had to get the win. Everyone did a good job. It’s great to win. We’re going to do our best to get the boys in the right mindset, so they would be positive, focused and concentrated. I believe, we should be able to pull through.”

Belye Medvedi 6-0 Stalnye Lisy  
The series is tied 1-1

Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk pulled off everything they couldn’t in Game 1 in Game 2 as they faced off against their rivals Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk. Ilya Gorbunov earned a shutout, having stopped all 20 shots he had to face.

Alexei Zavarukhin, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk head-coach.
“Today they boys showed the kind of hockey they’re capable of playing. We managed to score some quick goals in Game 2 but we ran into a penalty problem in the second period and we had to spend a lot of time killing them off,” says Zavarukhin. “Ilya Gorbunov really bailed us out and we pulled through. Coming into the game, we wanted to calm the boys down a bit. There was no pep talk. The boys knew themselves they should play harder in certain situations. We were a bit nervous in Game 1 but we regained confidence in Game 2. The quick goal helped a long way in that regard.”

Konstantin Lukin, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk forward.
“Game 1 didn’t turn out the way we wanted at all. We allowed a quick goal and couldn’t convert on our scoring chances,” shares Lukin. “We dominated in Game 2. We managed to score a quick goal and that helped us to impose our brand of hockey. Wasted scoring chances infuriated us – that’s no way to play hockey. Today we managed to fix that but we still have to improve in that game component. We rest well after every game so we’re full of energy. It’s always great to play in Chelyabinsk in front of our fans. We always feel their support!”

Irbis 3-5 Avto  
The series is tied 1-1

Avto Yekaterinburg won on the road and the series against Irbis Kazan switches cities tied 1-1. Danila Okhov scored the first hat-trick of the post-season.

Artyom Anisimov, Irbis Kazan head-coach.
“We allowed too many big mistakes, a lot more than our opponents, and that’s why we lost,” stated Anisimov. “This is the playoffs. We’re going to play hard in every game.”

Maksud Valeyev, Irbis Kazan defenseman.
“We lost focus, began making mistakes and got nervous,” admits Valeyev. “We lost our brand of hockey. Obviously, we’re going to Yekaterinburg looking to win. What can do to outweigh the opposition? Discipline and our brand of hockey.”

Chayka 3-2 Sputnik SO
The series is tied 1-1

The teams went the extra mile again in Nizhny Novgorod. Sputnik Almetyevsk forced overtime in dramatic fashion but it was the hosts who won in the long shootout.

Nikolai Voyevodin, Chayka Nizhny Novgorod head-coach.
“First of all, I want to congratulate our fans with the win and thank them for their powerful support. We played for them. Unfortunately, we made them nervous,” says Voyevodin. “But maybe, on the contrary, we energized them with the game. The boys played hard and battled. We had to score on the empty net. We’re travelling to Almetyevsk tomorrow. We have the energy! All we need is a little bit of luck!”.

Andrei Nikonov, Chayka Nizhny Novgorod forward, scored the shootout-winner.
“This is the playoffs, it’s all about character here,” shares Nikonov. “It’s not the skill that wins, but the character. We were pumped up today and more motivated. We were a bit worried going into Game 1 and it affected our play. This is the first post-season for a lot of us. Today we were more loose but the game was tough. We’re going to Almetyevsk looking to win and make up for the lost ground. We have two days to recover, we have to win. We have to stay in the moment and not look back. We dedicate the win to our fans!”.

Spartak 2-1 Krasnaya Armiya  
JHC Spartak Moscow lead series 1-0

Game 1 between Moscow rivals ended with a hard-fought win by JHC Spartak Moscow. Alexander Nikishanin scored the winner.

Vladimir Tyurikov, JHC Spartak Moscow head-coach.
“We’re happy with the outcome. As for the game itself… It was intense for the entire 60 minutes,” admits Tyurikov. “Everyone battled hard and did their best. We had a good game penalty killing wise. On top of that we were able to capitalize on our scoring chances. I wouldn’t say we intentionally gave up the momentum in the third period. It was obvious that Krasnaya Armiya [Moscow] had nothing to lose at the point. Down 2-1 they had to crash the net. Our boys worked the clock, waited for the opposition to make a mistake but they didn’t make one. The boys pulled through and did a great job!”.

Rinat Khasanov, Krasnaya Armiya Moscow head-coach.
“It’s the beginning of the playoffs. Some sort of anxiety is always there because of the grand desire,” explains Khasanov. “Our boys had no trouble whatsoever in terms of desire to win today. That’s why they were making mistakes and allowed a lot of transition plays against them. Our power play unit didn’t work today. We had our chances but we couldn’t convert on them. All in all, this is a series between two equally matched teams.”

SKA-1946 3-2 Almaz SO
SKA-1946 St. Petersburg lead the series 1-0

The game in St. Petersburg proved to be dramatic as Almaz Cherepovets managed to erase a 2-goal deficit and took it to the shootout but lost to the hosts.

Loko 1-0 JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg SO
Loko Yaroslavl lead the series 1-0

The game in Yaroslavl also went to the shootout as neither Loko, nor JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg managed to find the back of the net in regulation. Stepan NIkulin, who led Yaroslavl in regular season scoring, scored the eventual winner.

Kirill Alexeyev, JHC Dynamo St. Petersburg head-coach.
“It was a tough game. There won’t be any other kind in the first games of the playoffs,” shares Alexeyev. “I can’t question the hard work and dedication of my boys, obviously. Our gameplan was to play with patience, stay out of the penalty box and execute our demands. All in all, we were able to do that. Every team has a weak spot. Our goal is simply to find it. In junior hockey – especially in the playoffs – every game is unpredictable. We’re going to get our boys ready for a tough game tomorrow.”

JHC Dynamo Moscow 7–2 Atlant
JHC Dynamo Moscow lead series 1-0

The most high-scoring game in the Western Conference took place in Krasnogorsk as JHC Dynamo Moscow soared past JHC Atlant Moscow Region. Nikita Lukhovskoy and Ivan Didkovsky scored two goals each.

Yaroslav Lyuzenkov, JHC Dynamo Moscow head-coach.
“This is just the first win of the series. It was a bit nervous, even though we scored a lot – because we still allowed two goals,” notes Lyuzenkov. “You can feel that the playoffs have already started. Every mistake leads to consequences. Everything starts anew now. We have forgotten about our past victories, everything starts afresh. We got reinforcements from our KHL team. It’s obvious they lack game experience and they’re eager to go into battle. Unfortunately, they didn’t score today but we hope they will help us down the road.”