09.01.2021 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with one of the top players of Sibirskie Snaipery and Novosibirsk major junior team’s top-scorer Dmitry Ovchinnikov. The forward spoke up about his love for corgi dogs, favorite movie and shared a story about how he was called up to the dean for a seemingly trivial matter.

Spare time 
- I prefer to be passive on my days off and spend them with my family. I can stay at home the whole day or go to the movies. Should the weather permit, I’m down to walk around Novosibirsk downtown and stroll down the waterfront.
- I don’t have a pet. I really want to get a corgi dog but due to my hockey schedule it would be tough to take care of it.
- I would like to go on vacation to the Maldives, Bali and UAE. These countries attract me with their nature and sunny weather. It would be a pleasure to swim in the Indian Ocean.
- My friends and I usually go to those places where we can sit down, drink some coffee or tea and talk in peace.
- Most of the time I decide on my diet myself. After all, we’re all professionals already and we should approach eating respectively. I enjoy Russian and Italian cuisines.
- My favorite movie is Les Intouchables. It’s alight comedy. If you can’t find a family movie to watch, you definitely won’t regret this one. I liked the protagonist Driss. Regardless of all his life difficulties, he remains a positive and happy person.
- The latest track I have added to my playlist was All The Time by Miyagi.


Personality traits
- It’s difficult for me to talk about myself but judging by what people around me say, I’m goal-driven and relentless. In my opinion, my biggest assets are kindness and reciprocity. As for shortcomings, the biggest one is probably that I’m stubborn and it’s difficult to change my mind. If I’m set on something, I won’t budge.
- I don’t need any special motivation for the games. I always step on the ice eager to play and win. I’m a gambler when it comes to sports because the thirst for winning and scoring goals – it’s something I always feel.
- A real man must be stylish, responsible and act on his words.
- From my parents I inherited a sturdy life philosophy, optimism and the will to go at the obstacles in my way with full ferocity.
- I’m always open to new acquaintances but if it’s not nice to be in a company of a person, I will definitely not look to continue hanging out with them.
- I’m superstitious but I won’t go into details on that (smiles).

- My ideal girlfriend is the one who will be honest with my, sincere and support me in everything. Relationship is above all about supporting each other.
- I would definitely sign my son up for hockey but if he wouldn’t like it I wouldn’t force it on him. I would let him choose whatever he wants to do.

Career and education
- If it weren’t for hockey, I would have most likely become a soccer player (smiles).
I study at Olympic Reserve Academy. I almost never go to classes because my schedule is pretty tight. I study online so taking tests is a little easier.

- One time back when I was in Grade 7 I made a bet that I would toss a 20-liter plastic bottle out the window. And so I did. Luckily it was empty. I tossed it from the third floor and my friend went downstairs to catch it. It didn’t make it to him and hit a student from another class. It was fun at first but then my mom was called up to the dean’s.