27.12.2020 в 15:00


In today’s edition of our continuing Not A Word About Hockey series we’re going to sit down with Krylia Sovetov Moscow’s offensive leader Artyom Didkovsky, who leads the team in points and assists. The forward opened up his love for dogs, favorite videogames, movies, Setun most stylish player, reminisced on his childhood and much more.

Spare time

- I don’t have much time to spare so my first desire on any day-off is to get a good sleep in. Usually I meet with my friends for some tea and we play Mafia. Or we can go to an escape-room or to the movies.
- Most of my daily diet consists the menu put together by our team doctor. We eat well at the rink and everything is well-balanced. I prefer Italian cuisine. I really like pasta Bolognese.
- I don’t have a pet because my parents were against it. Although, I have always wanted to get a dog. I like Yorkshire terriers.
- If I have some free time, I enjoy playing videogames. Lately, it has been mostly FIFA and Cyberpunk 2077.
- I dream of visiting the USA, UAE and Australia. Dubai excites me with its nature. I would rather enjoy riding a quad out there in the desert. As for Australia, I want to visit the country because I love animals. I want to see a kangaroo and many other species.
- I have two favorite movies. 2012 and Gentlemen. I would recommend Gentlemen to everyone who enjoy crime stories with some humor. As for TV series, I like Brigade.
- The latest track I have added to my playlist was Polozhenie by Skriptonit.

Personality traits

- My biggest asset is my communicability. As for my shortcomings, sometimes I had bad days and I can get angry because of that. I do my best to work on that and keep my emotions in check.
- I’m a hard-worker and I’m always eager to get on the ice.
- A real man must be caring, loyal, loving and responsible. If he believes himself to be a real man, he must strive to be like that and not just say meaningless words.
- I inherited all the best qualities from my parents. Bravery from my dad and sincerity from my mom.
- I’m superstitious. If we win, I never change the music on my playlist before the games. I also always put my right skate on before my left skate.



- I don’t believe that style is all that important for men so I don’t have any role models when it comes to men’s attire. Although, recently I have noticed that American hockey player Auston Matthews dresses with a lot of taste.
- Danila Kadyrov dresses well on Krylia Sovetov. He has a lot of fashionable clothes.
- Personally, I don’t pay attention to clothing brands. The most popular colors in my wardrobe are red and gray. In everyday life you’re bound to see me in athletic wear.


- My ideal girlfriend is homey, educated, good around the house and goal-driven.
- I would be really disappointed if a girl smokes. I believe it that this bad habit eats at feminine beauty. It’s much more pleasant to smell perfume rather than tobacco smoke.
- If I’m going to have a son, I will most likely take him to a hockey school. But I wouldn’t advise my daughter to pick a career in athletics.

Career and education

- I have never considered a non-hockey career. I can imagine myself as a coach because I love kids.
- I study at Siberian State University of Physical Culture. Since my team is based in another city, I don’t go to classes but I take them online.

Funny story

- It was wintertime. I was in first grade. I didn’t want to do my homework so I got into a fight over it with my parents and left the house. My parents thought that I would stand in the hallway for five minutes and come back but they found me only two hours later three streets over.

Aside from hockey and soccer, I really like ping-pong. I’m down to play it in my spare time with anyone he feels like it.