31.10.2020 в 12:00


In today’s edition of our continuing series Not A Word About hockey we’re going to sit down with 19-year-old SKA-1946 St. Petersburg defenseman and JHL Challenge Cup participant Arslan Yarullin.

Spare time

- I decide on my diet myself. It’s pretty typical, just like any other athlete’s. Most often I eat chicken pasta. I don’t have a favorite meal. I prefer Tatar cuisine to everything else.
- I have a pet back in Kazan – it’s Yorkshire terrier. Her name is Aya.
- I prefer to be versatile on my days off. Sometimes I can just stay home in bed, watching TV shows. Sometimes I walk around St. Petersburg with my buddies.
- I dream of visiting USA, Portugal and Latvia. I would like to go to NHL games in USA and see with my own eyes how people live overseas. I would much enjoy strolling down Lisbon in Portugal. I would like to see its architecture and swim in the ocean. Latvia intrigues me with its culture. I have lived there for a year and I would like to go back to once again walk its beautiful streets.
- When I visit my hometown Kazan, I usually hang out with my friends in downtown. Sometimes we get together and play videogames.
- Paper House is a show I enjoyed the most from what I have seen recently. It’s a Spanish crime series with a really exciting plot. I recommend it to everyone.
- I’m a music fiend. The latest track I have added to my playlist was – If You’re Going To Get Sad by Rauf & Faik, Niletto.

Personality traits

- I’m a persistent and caring person. My biggest assets are honesty and love for winning. I hate losing. My downside is that I’m too gullible.
- I have never felt tired from hockey. I always wake up happy on gamedays.
- A real man must be strong, confident and independent. I believe these three qualities are must-haves.
- From my parents I inherited honesty, being disciplined at work and having respect for those around me.
- Whenever I meet a new person, first thing I look at is how the person looks. I stick to the saying that you’re met by your looks and judged by your mind.
- I’m superstitious. I have a certain routine.



- Soccer player David Beckham is my role model when it comes to men’s fashion. It’s great to see how he dresses and his taste in clothes. On our team, SKA-1946, everyone is stylish. So it’s difficult to single anybody out.
- I pay attention to clothing brands. In everyday life I prefer athletic wear. There are a lot of black clothes in my wardrobe.
- Hugo Boss is my favorite perfume.
- I don’t grow beard so I don’t know if it’s in fashion now or not (smiles)


- I have a girlfriend. Her name is Anna. She loves hockey and watches all of my games. Right now she has time to study and work. We met on social media – on Instagram. I saw her profile, I liked how she looked in her photos, so I decided to message her and that’s how it got started.
- To me a serious relationship is more of a necessity in athletic career rather than an obstacle.
- If my son is going to show interest in hockey, I will sign him up for a hockey school. But I won’t do that for my daughter.

Career and education

- If it weren’t for hockey in my life, I would have been a lawyer or an attorney. I like law.
- I study at Lesgaft University. It’s rather difficult to be able to do everything but I do my best to come to classes as often as I can. I know almost all of my classmates.
- Higher education is very important to get for future career development. Specialists of high rank are in demand these days.

Funny story

- I was coming back from a practice once with a buddy of mine on a bus. We were so tired that we both fell asleep, missed our stop and woke up a long way from home. It was late at night, our phones were dead. It’s good that we found our way back (laughs)

Not a lot of people know but I have a certain tradition – I go to a ski resort on New Year’s morning. I like skiing.