26.10.2020 в 14:00


Seventh week of 2019-20 Parimatch Junior Hockey League regular season came to a close. As always we present you its facts, numbers and most vivid moments.

26 regular season games took place in Parimatch Junior Hockey League in the past seven days as well as two forfeits. A total of 570 hockey players participated in the games, including 46 goaltenders, 197 defensemen and 327 forwards.

Home teams won nine games in regulation. The visitors enjoyed 14 wins in regulation, one in overtime and two more in the shootout.

The teams combined for 165 goals in the past seven days, two of which were empty-netters. Home teams accounted for 69 goals, while the visitors had 96. An average of 5.89 goals was featured per game. 119 players scored at least one goal.

Top-scorer of the week – Maxim Nevolin (Almaz Cherepovets) with 9 (4 goals, 5 assists) points. He also led the league with five assists.

Top goal-scorers – Maxim Nevolin, Nikita Guslistov (both – Almaz Cherepovets), and Nikita Borodayenko (JHC Spartak Moscow). All players scored four goals.

Most points among defensemen – Vasily Shumilov (Tolpar Ufa) with 4 (2 goals, 2 assists) points, and Pavel Yelizarov (Tolpar Ufa) with 4 (0 goals, 4 assists) points.

Most productive teams – Tolpar Ufa and Loko Yaroslavl. Players of both teams combined for 15 goals.

Most productive lines – Belyalov-Nevolin-Guslistov (Almaz Cherepovets) and Legalin-Maklozyan-Borodayenko (JHC Spartak Moscow). Both lines combined for five goals.

Two hat-tricks were registered in the past seven days. Roman Yuzbashyan (HC Kapitan Stupino) and Nikita Guslistov (Almaz Cherepovets). 2-goal performance took place on 21 occasions, and Nikita Borodayenko (JHC Spartak Moscow) accounted for two of which.

Five goaltenders posted shutouts – Nikita Dianov (Omskie Yastreby), Azat Shakirov (Reaktor Nizhnekamsk), Savely Sherstnyov (Russkie Vityazi), Pavel Kanayev (JHC Spartak Moscow) and Nikita Tulinov (Sibirskie Snaipery).

Goaltender with the best Goals Against Average – Yegor Tulepov (Almaz Cherepovets) – 1.000. The netminder played two games (119 minutes) and allowed two goals.

The most saves in a single-game were made by Kirill Kuznetsov (Kuznetskie Medvedi). In the game against Sibirskie Snaipery on October 20th the netminder stopped 44 shots.

Most productive minute was 21st as it featured eight goals.

The most popular final score was 4-1 as it was registered three times.

Best in plus/minus category was Alexei Kozhevnikov (Loko Yaroslavl) with plus-8.

The quickest goal was scored in the game between Russkie Vityazi and Mikhailov Academy Tula on October 21st. Moscow Region forward Stepan Urulin found the back of the net at 02-27.

The latest goal was scored in the game between Sakhalinskie Akuly and SKA-1946 St. Petersburg on October 20th. ‘Army men’ forward Nikita Shuidin hit the twine at 62-07.

The teams combined for a total of 561 penalty minutes (283 – home, 278 – visitors). An average of 20.04 penalty minutes was feautured per game.

Most penalized game of the week was the one between Krylia Sovetov Moscow and Loko Yaroslavl on October 19th. The teams combined for a total of 62 (29-33) penalty minutes.

Least penalized game of the week was the one between HC Kapitan Stupino and JHC Spartak Moscow on October 21st. The teams combined for a total of just 8 (6-2) penalty minutes.

Most penalized players of the week were Alexei Goryachyov (Loko Yaroslavl), Sergei Safin-Tregubov (Tolpar Ufa) and Georgy Laprshin (Krylia Sovetov Moscow). The players registered 25 penalty minutes each.

Kapitan defensemen registered one of the most beautiful saves of the week.

Windmill hip-check by Alexei Yegorov.

Taifun forward Ilya Ovechkin does things worthy of his namesake.

Yegor Guskov makes a marvelous save for Loko.

Cherry on the top comes from the Green Rivalry – amazing windmill hip-check by Tolpar defenseman Sergei Safin-Tregubov.