International payment system Mastercard

Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is a technology company operating in the global payments industry. It manages the fastest payment processing network in the world that connects consumers, financial institutions, trade organizations, government and business organizations in more than 210 countries and territories. Products and Mastercard solutions make it easier, safer and more efficiently solve everyday tasks such as shopping, travel, conduct business and managing finances.

Mastercard supports the world's leading sporting events - football, rugby, golf, volleyball - and gives the fans and all cardholders priceless emotions and excitement.

International Service Group ERIELL

The company, founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic, provides construction and major overhaul to leading oil and gas companies in the Russian Federation, Central and South Asia, North Africa and Europe. One of the key shareholders of Gazprombank Group is ERIELL

ERIELL specializes in the exploration and production of oil and gas wells drilling and fields development. The Group also carries out work on directional drilling, sidetracking, development and maintenance of drilling fluids, service on the bit and downhole motors.


Through the partnership Rostelecom provides telecommunication channels for the organization of direct broadcasting of KHL games. The company will provide construction, operation and preparation of all technical infrastructure in hockey arenas with 24/7 technical support and information protection.

Rostelecom is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Russia and Europe on a national scale, which is present in all segments of the market of communication services and covers millions of households in Russia.

The company occupies the leading position on Russian market of broadband services and pay-per-view TV: the number of broadband subscribers exceeded 11.2 million services, while pay-per-view TV has more over 8.1 million users, of which more over 2.9 million are subscribed to federal product Interactive TV. Rostelecom is the undisputed market leader in telecommunications services for Russian state authorities and corporate users of all levels. The company is a recognized technology leader in innovative solutions in the field of e-government cloud computing, healthcare, education, security, housing and communal services.


Began collaboration with MHL in the 2015-2016 season in the status of "Supplier of the MHL Championship" in the product category “Appliances" (refrigerators / freezers, washing machines, Gas stove, electric stove).

Haier has traditionally paid great attention to the sport around the world, and for several years worked with hockey clubs in Russia. Support for hockey, which is part of the company's development strategy for the Russian market, has reached a new level in the form of cooperation with the MHL.