Since its inception the Junior hockey league came forward with “JHL for Children” initiative, which provides direct help and support from the league and its clubs to children in hospitals or orphanages.
Quite often the situation, in which the children find themselves, requires not money, but attention and support. JHL would like to see its young hockey players share the kindness with those who have to fight for life every day. 
The program “JHL for children” took start in the league’s inaugural season – on September 3rd, 2009 - when MHC Dynamo Moscow and CSKA Krasnaya Armiya players visited Oncological centers of Moscow. The goal of those actions was to pay attention to the children suffering from serious diseases and the propaganda of the charity and compassion to those who need it. It would be great to see JHL initiatives get the widest possible support. 

Junior Hockey League regularly carries out similar actions during their events. Often they involve actors of popular TV series Molodezhka, who gladly respond to invitation to support children. Every year JHL teams support the action “JHL for children”, on their own initiative visiting the orphanages and hospitals of their city. 

Photo album of the Actions

“JHL for children” Actions, carried out by JHL:
- September 3rd, N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (Moscow)
- February 5th, Petrov Research Institute of Oncology (Leningradskaya oblast)
- November 28th, Rehabilitation Centre Neznaika (Moscow)
- February 10th, The orphanage №1 (Magnitogorsk)
- March 10th, Children’s department of Penza Cancer Centre (Penza)
- March 11th, The orphanage №6 (Chelyabinsk)
- June 4th, N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center (Moscow)
- February 22nd, Children’s Cancer Centre (Ekaterinburg)
- August 27th, Children’s Cancer Centre (Omsk)
- January 31st, Russian Children's Clinical Hospital (Nizhnyi Novgorod)
- August 28th, Children’s republican clinical Hospital (Ufa)
- January 17th, Correctional educational boarding school (Almetyevsk)
- January 31st, the Centre of assistance to children orphaned “Nashi Deti” (Cherepovez)
- August 29th, Malostonski orphanage (Ekaterinburg)
-August 19th, elementary-nursery school of compensating type for children with visual impairment (Nizhnekamsk)
- August 21st, the department of children’s rehabilitation and outpatient hospice care “Aibolit” (Naberezhnye Chelny)


JHL actions, carried out by the JHL teams. 
- December 21st. Krylya Sovetov, Children’s Cancer Centre Kishirskoe highway (Moscow)
- January 13th. Belye Medvedi, the Orphanage №8 (Chelyabinsk)
- January 14th. Belye Medvedi, the Orphanage №14 (Chelyabinsk)
- Janaury 16th. SKA-1946, Children’s hospice cancer centre in Pesochnyi (Leningradskaya oblast)
- February 26th, Bars, Cancer Department Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital (Kazan)
- March 5th, Omskie Yastreby, Children’s Cancer Centre (Omsk)
- May 28th, Stalnye Lisy, the Orphanage №3 (Magnitogorsk)
- June 1st, Stalnye Lisy, Department of Oncology and Hematology of Children's City Hospital №3 (Magnitogorsk)
- November 26th, Belye Medvedi, Social-Rehabilitation Centre Kurchatovskyi district (Chelyabinsk)
- December 29th, Tolpar, Blagoveshensk Orphanage (Ufa)
- December 29th, Omskie Yastreby, the Orphanage №10 (Omsk)
- December 31st, Belye Medvedi, the Orphanage №5 (Chelyabinsk)
- January 7th, SKA-1946, the Orphanage №14 (Saint-Petersburg)
- January 25th, Olympiya, the Kirovo- Chepeck Orphanage (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
- March 10th, Stalnye Lisy, the Orphanage №3 (Magnitogorsk)
- June 1st, Stalnye Lisy, the Orphanage №3 (Magnitogorsk)
- June 1st, Belye Tigry, Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (Orenburg)
- November 17th, Olympiya, Kirovo-Chepetsk social shelter for children and adolescents (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
- December 24th, Omskie Yastreby, the Orphanage №5 (Omsk)
- December 26th, Tolpar, Chesnokovo Orphanage (Ufa)
- December 28th, Stalnye Lisy, Special correctional school № 15 (Magnitogorsk)
- January 19th, Kapitan, the Shelter for Children “Solnyshko” (Stupino)
- April 12th, Dinamo-Shinnik, Bobruisk Boarding School for orphans and children left without parental care (Bobruisk)
- May 18th, Kapitan, The Shelter for children “Solnyshko” (Stupino)
- September 14th, Dizelist, Regional rehabilitation center for children and adolescents with disabilities (Penza)
- Ocotber 16th, Tolpar, Secondary school №74 (Ufa)
- December 24th, Olympiya”, Kirovo-Chepetsk social shelter for children and adolescents (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
- October 16th, Dinamo-Shinnik, Department of Sports and Tourism Education of Pervomaisky District (Bobruisk)
- October 31st, Olympiya, Kirovo-Chepetsk social shelter for children and adolescents (Kirovo-Chepetsk)
- December 2nd, MHC Dinamo-Spb, Children's Cancer Center of City Hospital No. 30 (St. Petersburg)
- February 6th, Krasnaya Armiya, Teplyi Dom Social and Rehabilitation Center